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For direct contact
Richard Gandar
General Manager
+966 55 620 2065
Jamil Assafiri
Deputy General Manager
+966 56 111 9888
P.O Box. 55450
Jeddah 21534, KSA
+ 966 12 6834714
+ 966 12 6834710
P.O Box. 55450
Jeddah 21534, KSA
+966 55 2524411

We consider safety to be one of the most valuable services we offer our customers. Our complete safety management system includes lift planning, crane selection and inspection, personnel training, and performance monitoring. In all of these, safety is "Job One".


Management Experience & Technical Knowledge
The strength of the company remains with leadership of highly experienced management and qualified work force with more than 20 years in the cranes industry all over
the region, which drives the company up to its best while continuously enhances the performance of all aspects.
Our objective is always to rise up to a higher level of performance by concentrating on Total Safety Management, Performance & Quality, Time management and last but not least total customer satisfaction.
  • We are driven by our customers' needs and their business priorities.
  • Our integrated services offering is focused on safety, up-time, optimum risk mitigation and value added.
  • To deliver reliably on our promises.
  • We work in multi-disciplined teams combining operational experience, engineering expertise and a pioneering mind set.
  • We operate an integrated quality and competence management systems.
  • We collaborate with clients, suppliers, contractors sharing knowledge and benefits arising from our work.
  • We pursue lasting relationships with our clients, firmly founded on integrity, mutual benefit and trust.